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A Gift More Costly Than Gold

Cindy Pearson

Saffron   Crocus sativus

Welcoming to Center Stage at Pearson's Gardens:


"Red Gold"

Saffron, the world's most expensive spice that is more costly than gold is making it's seasonal debut! Don't miss out on this window of opportunity to view and partake in this annual inflorescence and your own harvesting of the prized saffron threads. The thin red filaments of stigmata are highly valued among gourmets, healers, as well as practitioners of the magical arts. Truly, these are the threads from which legends, lore, and sumptuous cuisine have arisen.

Easy to grow in the arid climate of Southern California, this corm based plant performs spectacularly grown in containers or the ground. Often, a single irrigation in the fall is all that is required to initiate sprout, blossoming, and subsequent corm multiplication. And so begins the annual showing of Saffron... "Red Gold" ready to take center stage at the venue of your choice! 

A pot of blooming Saffron may be that unique holiday gift for the gourmet gardeners in your life.