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Visit Tomatoland at Pearson's Gardens For Your Best Tomatoes Ever!

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Pearson's Gardens


Outstanding Heirloom, Artisan, Specialty & Standard Selections

New Artisan Introductions From Wild Boar Farms

All shapes, sizes & colors of the rainbow!

Select from hundreds of plants

Staked, caged & ready for your patio, or garden

Every plant is hand seeded, nurtured, and cultivated from germination onward to thrive when transplanted into your garden. Rich, organic soil with beneficial microbes provides the foundation for every potted plant grown at Pearson's, creating a healthy, vibrant substrate for strong root development and sturdy, vigorous plants. Simply put, Pearson's plants will perform!

Visit Pearson's Tomatoland


Grow Your Best Tomatoes Ever!

Coming Soon: The Outdoor Learning Center Workshops At Pearson's Gardens! Stay tuned for more info....

Pearson's Gardens & Herb Farm

1150 Beverly Dr. Vista, CA 92084

Open Everyday 9am-5pm 

Celebrate Spring!

Cindy Pearson

Spring bursts with exuberance.... Seeds sprout. Flowers bloom. Fruit emerges. Herbs, veggies, trees, bushes, and vines grow. Gardens beg to be planted.

Celebrate the season.... Plant your garden!

Come see what's growing at Pearson's Gardens -

Here's just a glimpse of a few things you'll see this week.... Herbs, veggies, fruits & flowers! 

Spring Has Sprung!

Cindy Pearson

Just look around; signs of spring are everywhere.... Songbirds twitter, butterflies flutter, seeds sprout, and flowers bloom. Our water table has been restored, the softened soil inviting to be tilled. Whether you're into herb & vegetable gardening, edible landscaping, drought tolerant perennials, tropicals, or creating a backyard wildlife habitat..., now is the time to dig in and plant!


                                Meet & Greet:                                         Ladybugs & Their Beneficial Friends           1pm Sunday March 9th


Come to an introductory briefing on beneficial insects, and learn the basics of how you can use these good guys to control the bad guys that munch on your beautiful plants. They're fun and easy to introduce to your yard or garden. Create a safe, healthy habitat for family, pets, and wildlife.