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Almost Spring!

Cindy Pearson

Pink Jasmine ready to burst into bloom. Perfect for Valentine's Day..., perfect for everyday. Simply enchanting!

Enjoy Pink Jasmine, Jasminum polianthemum, in the trellised pot straight from the nursery, then find a sunny spot in the garden where it can climb on a fence, arch, or trellis. You'll be rewarded every year as winter wanes with the emerging signs of spring. Jasmine buds appear, darken to nearly crimson, and burst forth into full bloom with a fragrance that is sure to cause one to pause and simply breathe. 

Early Season Tomatoes - Ready For Planting!

Cindy Pearson

Anxious for spring? We have the perfect remedy!  Get your spring garden started with early season tomatoes!

Now, bear in mind, not just any tomato plant will do for this early in the year; regular, mid, and late season tomatoes will fail to thrive with temperatures dropping below 60℉. However, the growers at Pearson's Gardens have done the research and selected specific, proven, hardy varieties that are undaunted by the chilly nighttime temperatures that may persist for a few more months. Choose from heirlooms, hybrids, artisans, beefsteaks, salad-size, plums, pears, cherries, blacks, purples, yellows, oranges, reds, .... 

Imagine the smile on your face when you taste that first homegrown tomato in April!