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Saffron... More Costly Than Gold

Cindy Pearson

Saffron   Crocus sativus

Welcoming to Center Stage at Pearson's Gardens:


"Red Gold"

The world's most expensive spice that is more costly than gold is making it's season debut this month! Don't miss out on this window of opportunity to view and partake in this annual inflorescence and your own harvesting of the prized saffron threads. The thin red filaments of stigmata are highly valued among gourmets, healers, as well as practitioners of the magical arts. Truly, these are the threads from which legends, lore, and sumptuous cuisine has arisen.

Easy to grow in the arid climate of Southern California, this corm based plant performs spectacularly grown in containers or the ground. Often, a single irrigation in the fall is all that is required to initiate sprout, blossoming, and subsequent corm multiplication. And so begins the annual showing of Saffron... "Red Gold" ready to take center stage at the venue of your choice!



Flowers, Fragrance & Flavor

Cindy Pearson

Now Showing at Pearson's Gardens


Sit back and enjoy the slide show. Hover over images to view plant identification. Then come on out to Pearson's create your very own garden of fragrance, flowers, and flavor! You'll always find more enticing choices at the nursery.... Imagine; a whole new outdoorscape, a container garden on your patio or deck, or some hanging baskets to bring cheerful hummingbirds. Our friendly staff and the Designworks kiosk are always available to assist with selection and design. 

Seasonal Time Change... Winter Hours

Cindy Pearson

Reminder: Daylight Savings Time Ends Tonight

Set your clocks back 1 hour...

Pearson's Gardens Winter Hours

9am-4pm Everyday

November 6, 2016 till March 12, 2017  

                                                                                   Grow your future.... Harvest a rainbow!

Heat Tolerant Varieties for the "Cool Season"

Cindy Pearson

                 Plant seasonally appropriate, heat tolerant, cool season selections from Pearson's Gardens.

With November just around the corner, the "cool season" is officially upon us. Never-mind the fact that we've just experienced record-breaking heat with two Santa Ana events interspersed with tropical storms.... Certainly we can all agree that Southern California has somewhat volatile weather during the fall. In fact, our "cool season" is commonly punctuated with random heat waves. So, what's a gardener to do? How does one take advantage of our idyllic climate? Can one grow "cool season crops" in the southland? The answer is a resounding, "Yes!" 

Tips for Sweet Success

Select seasonally appropriate varieties

Pearson's Gardens has long championed the concept of planting seasonally appropriate varieties during the proper time of the year. Cool season plants thrive when the temperature drops and the daylength shortens. In many cases these factors initiate brighter colors, sweeter flavors, and stocky heading. 

Plant heat tolerant, cool season varieties

The growers at Pearson's Gardens take care of this detail for you by selecting heat tolerant, bolt-resistant varieties for all seasons. Choose from our vast array of greens, root crops, crucifers, winter veggies and herbs. Expand your palate with Asian, European, and American Heirloom selections. They will all be sweeter and milder grown during the cool season, as opposed to summertime.

Strategize planting time

Plant throughout fall to benefit from warm, sunny days that stimulate growth and rapid root development. Larger plants yield larger harvests. Plant heading vegetables in the fall, well in advance of the mid-winter chill. When Jack Frost arrives later in the winter, your mature plants will benefit from the cold nights, and you'll reap the rewards of larger, tighter heads and sweeter harvests throughout your garden.