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A Gift More Costly Than Gold

Cindy Pearson

Saffron   Crocus sativus

Welcoming to Center Stage at Pearson's Gardens:


"Red Gold"

Saffron, the world's most expensive spice that is more costly than gold is making it's seasonal debut! Don't miss out on this window of opportunity to view and partake in this annual inflorescence and your own harvesting of the prized saffron threads. The thin red filaments of stigmata are highly valued among gourmets, healers, as well as practitioners of the magical arts. Truly, these are the threads from which legends, lore, and sumptuous cuisine have arisen.

Easy to grow in the arid climate of Southern California, this corm based plant performs spectacularly grown in containers or the ground. Often, a single irrigation in the fall is all that is required to initiate sprout, blossoming, and subsequent corm multiplication. And so begins the annual showing of Saffron... "Red Gold" ready to take center stage at the venue of your choice! 

A pot of blooming Saffron may be that unique holiday gift for the gourmet gardeners in your life.    


Summertime is Basil Time!

Cindy Pearson

                                                 The incomparable Superbo Italian Basil boasts intense, sweet, savory ambrosial flavor! 

Summertime Is Basil Time!

Basil, "King of Herbs" and a favorite of gardeners and gourmets around the world loves summertime heat. Properly grown in full sun as it is here at Pearson’s Gardens, Basil will thrive throughout summer and fall. In fact, its flavor will intensify with higher temperatures. Frequent harvesting, and trimming will stimulate fresh growth, and keep your Basils strong and vigorous all season long.

Basil is a celebration of diversity.... flavors, fragrances, forms, and colors. The uses of Basil varies even more widely. Check out the slideshow and primer below, come visit the nursery to make your selections, and let your imagination take it from there!

Basil Primer

Best For Classic Pesto: Sweet Genovese, Mozzarella, Superbo Italian, Italian Large Leaf, Greek Columnar

Best For Red/Purple Pesto: Red Rubin, Osmin Purple, Dark Opal, Amethyst

Best For Lemon Pesto: Mrs. Burns Lemon

Best For Exotic Pesto: Hawaiian Wild

Best On Pizza: Sweet Genovese, Mozzarella, Superbo Italian, Italian Large Leaf, Greek Columnar 

Best With Seafood: Mrs. Burns Lemon, Lime

Best With Chicken: Mrs. Burns Lemon, Lime, Thai 

Best With Veggies: All

Best In Green Salads: Napoletano, Superbo Italian, Siam Queen Sweet Thai, Red Lettuce Leaf

Best With Tomato Based Soups & Sauces: Red Rubin, Amethyst, Osmin Purple, Dark Opal

Best For Asian Cuisine: Thai, Siam Queen Sweet Thai, Tulsi

Best For Middle Eastern Cuisine: Ararat, Persian, Licorice

Best For Mexican Cuisine: Mexican Spicy

Best For Exotic Cuisine: Hawaiian WIld, Thai, Tulsi

Best For Wraps: Mammoth, Napoletano

Best For Use As Skewers: Greek Columnar 

Best For Herbal Tea: Blue Spice ( Enchanting Floral Fragrance), Mrs. Burns Lemon, Lime, African Blue, Variegated African Blue, Hawaiian WIld

Best With Fruit: Blue Spice, Mrs. Burns Lemon, Lime, African Blue, Variegated African Blue, Hawaiian Wild, Tulsi

Best Fruit : Mrs. Burns Lemon, Lime, Red Rubin, Amethyst, Osmin Purple, Dark Opal, Purple Ruffles, Purple Delight

Best With Deserts: Blue Spice, Mrs. Burns Lemon, Lime, Cinnamon

Best For Edible Garnish: Green Ruffles, Purple Ruffles, Serrata, Pistou, Variegated African Blue

Best Edible Flowers: All

Best For Attracting Garden Pollinators: African Blue, Variegated African Blue

Best To Enhance Tomato Production: All - Allow Flowering

Best For Low Garden Edging: Pistou

Best Insect Repellent: All