Pearson's Gardens & Herb Farm

plant... grow... harvest... beautify... attract

Founded in 1981 by Mark & Cindy Pearson, the nursery put down roots at the current location in Vista, California April 1st, 1989. Converting a run-down cactus farm to a productive nursery was a labor of love, sweat, and dog-eared hard work; hence the oft repeated saying, “We’ve done so much with so little, we think we can do anything with nothing….” Today, Pearson’s Gardens & Herb Farm offers the largest selection of herbs & spices in the state of California, an ever-increasing selection of gourmet and unusual fruits & vegetables from around the world, and an impressive collection of water-wise, "California Friendly" blooming plants. Producing nearly 2,500 unique varieties of utilitarian and edible plants has been a growing experience from the start.