Pearson's Gardens & Herb Farm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open to the public?

Yes; we most certainly are! Throughout Spring and Summer the nursery is open everyday, 9am - 5pm March 1 - October 31. Our Winter Season hours are 9am - 4pm, begin November 1, and continue through February 28.  

Do you sell plant online?

No. Though we offer a fantastic selection of plants onsite at the nursery, we do not sell them online. However, many of our customers travel significant distances, and they all say, "It's worth the trip!" 

Does Pearson's Gardens grow organically?

Pearson's Gardens uses organic materials, pest control, and practices; however, due to the overly burdensome red tape and corruption we are not Certified Organic. We raise our plants with the utmost regard for the health of the plants, the environment, and ultimately you and ourselves who consume them. We encourage you to know your grower as you place your trust in their integrity.

Does Pearson's Gardens use GMO seeds, or produce any GMO plant varieties?

No, nothing, nada, zilch,..., period!